How To Change Your Page Settings

How To Change Your Page Settings: The following instructions may not be entirely accurate, but should be very close. How a webpage prints is just as much about the browser settings as it is the printer settings. There are many, many browsers available for public use. We do not pretend to even know all their names.

Try changing your browser settings first before your change any printer settings, especially if your other (non-web browser) files are already printing just like you want them to.

Just remember to write down your page settings before you change anything. Then you can easily revert back to how things were before you made any changes, by typing in the codes for the old settings.

Each brand of browser also has many versions, and the way to change the settings from version to version may also vary. The most popular browsers currently in use, according to our logfiles, are Internet Explorer and Thunderbird.

These instructions are for these two of the more popular browsers from our logfiles. They will probably get the job done for you, or get you close enough so that you can figure out exactly what to do for your browser or version.

Internet Explorer -- Microsoft

1. Open your browser
2. At the top click File > Page Setup
3. Set Paper to Letter
4. Set Header to empty
5. Set Footer to empty
6. Set Orientation to Portrait
7. Set Left Margin to .25 inches
8. Set Right margin to .25 inches
9. Set Top Margin to .5 inches
10. Set Bottom Margin to .5 inches
11. Click OK
12. Print your calendar

Firefox -- Mozilla

1. Open your browser
2. At the top click File > Page Setup
3. Click Format & Options
4. Set Orientation to Portrait
5. Set Scale to 90%
6. Check Print Background
7. Click Margins & Header-Footer
8. Set all Margins to .5 inches
9. Set all 3 Header boxes to -blank-
10. Set all 3 Footer boxes to -blank-
11. Click OK
12. Print your calendar

Unfortunately, my calendar pages do not seem to print properly from the Opera browser. Netscape users should check with Netscape regarding their version's print settings. I have not tested Konqueror or any other browsers unnamed here.

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